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Earlier versions of Trowl are now broken due to Twitter retiring version 1 of their API. Please upgrade to Trowl 0.8 as soon as possible.

what is trowl?
Essentially, it is an app that outputs tweets to Growl for Windows. It's a very simple display; and because it lets you customize the types of tweets you see, it keeps you updated on only the tweets you care about.

Trowl Display Example

that's it? any other details?
That's it. I've tried to keep Trowl simple and to the point. The current beta versions include the following functionality:

So far, thatís it. I am working on new features, and Iím open to suggestions for other features, too. But my goal is to keep this as lightweight as possible. Its purpose is to growl tweets, and pushing those growls to your iPhone, if you wish. If you want more than that, you will be better served by any of the other excellent Twitter clients out there.

Howl Screenshot what is howl?
Howl is an iPhone app available on the App Store. Howl links up with Growl on your PC so that when you get a notification, it gets pushed to your iPhone via the new Push Notification feature. In other words: you will get push notification of new tweets (as well any other growls you need to forward!). (You can also use Prowl, another iPhone app compatible with Growl for Windows.)

aren't there other twitter clients that do this?
Yes. But most of the time, Growl support comes in the form of "friends timeline, @replies or DMs". I donít know about you, but if I got ALL my tweets Growled, I would quickly get distracted. And if they got pushed to my iPhone as well, my phone would never stop buzzing ó which kind of defeats the purpose of push notifications. I only want to get notifications of tweets from my close friends ó the people where it may be in my best interest to see their tweet(s) asap.

any other details?
This app is useless without Growl for Windows, and will inform you of such if it has trouble communicating with Growl for Windows.
This is an early version with limited error checking and an extra helping of bugs. Please let me know if you find any problems.
It is written in C#.NET and requires the .NET Framework 4. If you have Windows Vista or Windows 7, chances are you already have this. If not, please take a trip to your friendly neighborhood Windows Update.

does it cost anything?
Nope. However, Howl costs $2.99 on the App Store. For me, this was a no brainer purchase, but itís something to keep in mind.

i need growl for windows. where can I get it?
how do i set up howl to work with it?

Please visit You will find both answers there.

where did the name trowl come from?
Twitter + Growl = Trowl
Also, a trowel is a tool used to evenly spread mortar between bricks. You can think of Trowl as the tool that helps cement Twitter, Growl and Prowl. Yeah, I know, Iím the height of cheesery.

.: metro display 1.6 :.

The Metro display was inspired by the typography-heavy UI design of Zune and Windows Phone. It's not a perfect replica, but I like to think I captured the soul of it into a clean, simple and useful display. While this can be used as a display for anything, it also supports all of the Twitter features in Twitter display 1.6. The latest version adds support for Trowl 0.7-specific features, and the ability to display photos from Twitter's photo service. Requires Growl for Windows 2.0.3 or above.

Click Here to Install   (or download manually)

.: twitter display 1.7 :.

Twitter Display is the perfect companion to Trowl. Not only does it have a Twitter-centric theme, but it also has functions customized for viewing tweets, including: a tweet's time stamp; buttons for replying, retweeing and DMing; hyperlinking of URLs, @usernames and hashtags; geotag information. If the tweet has links to an image on twitpic, yfrog, or Twitter's own photo service, it will even show you a thumbnail preview! This version also adds multi-monitor support. Requires Growl for Windows 2.0.3 or above.

Click Here to Install   (or download manually)